I spent most of my
childhood dreaming and
imagining fantastic things,
although people thought I was
distracted, I was really developing mental
structures of impossible and fantastic worlds.
When I discovered my love for drawing,
I decided to study design and then painting.
My great imagination and the need to preserve
the child that lives inside me, lead me to write
a couple of children’s books, always with the
aim to remind little ones how wonderful it is to
learn new things and to never lose their curiosity
for the things that surround us.

I moved to Austin Texas six years ago and I took
a picture book course in order to be able to
illustrate professionally.
Sometimes, when I am writing my books, the
drawings are part of them for the very first letter,
other times, the drawings come to my head first
with the possibility of a great story.
I will never stop dreaming, imagining, drawing,
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from the
“Universidad Iberoamericana” in Mexico City.
I also studied painting at "Isabel Leñero"
This days I am also a docent in the Blanton
Museum of Arts and Teach Spanish at Spanish
Learning School.